The Mysteries of the Holy Spirit

The Mysteries of the Holy Spirit

“The Mysteries of the Holy Spirit”

The Trinity
-Father, Son, Holy Spirit

God the Father
-Creator, Sustainer,

God the Son (Jesus)
-Fully God and fully man, Sacrificial Lamb, Example of how to live

God the Holy Spirit
-Ruakh – Breath, Wind, Spirit

The Holy Spirit in the Old Testament
-Genesis 1:2, the Spirit was part of brining life and beauty to the darkness
-Prophets- Given an insight to God’s point of view that was often shared to bring people back to God.
-King Saul and David (Note the power that came and went with the Spirit)

The Coming of the Holy Spirit
-Jesus promises the coming of the Holy Spirit; Acts 1:4-5, 8
-Acts 2:1-13 The Spirit came publicly

The Holy Spirit of Today
-The Spirit provided power and still does this
–teaches and reminds us of Jesus
-1 Corinthians 12:4-11
-The Spirit provides us with specific giftings
-Spirit provides guidance and transformation that point us to Jesus

Acts of the Flesh
-Flesh spelled backward is SELF without H (Him)
-Galatians 5:19-21, 22-25

How to receive the Holy Spirit
-Acts 2:28 Repent of sins and turn to God
-Galatians 3:2
-Romans 8:1-17 the Holy Spirit is powerful and can transform us if we adhere to His guidance
-All who belong to Christ (all believers) have His Spirit

Now What?
-What do we do with this?
-How can we answer some of the complexities that can arise while living in the Spirit?


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