The Mysteries of the Holy Spirit – Part 2

The Mysteries of the Holy Spirit – Part 2

“The Mysteries of the Holy Spirit – Part 2”

Romans 8:9

How can I be in tune with the voice of God?
How can I allow the power of the Spirit to be maximized in my life?

Personal Agenda or God’s Agenda?
-Are we seeking the Spirit to truly hear God’s voice or seeking for confirmation on what we desire to hear?

Acts 9:1-18

-Do you think the personal agenda of Ananias was to go see Saul?
-How powerful God was able to use this and Saul(Paul) going forward

-Correlates with our ability to hear God’s voice and to allow His power to work in us
-Ignoring God’s commands and calling on our life leads us away from His Spirit

John 14:15-16

Judges 13:5, 15:14-15, 16:17-21
-What was the source of Samson’s strength?
–The Holy Spirit (not his hair)
-What caused Samson to lose his strength?

-God’s timing does not always equal our timing
-Promise that Abraham and Sarah would have many descendants

Need to Seek the Spirit
-How much effort are you truly giving?
–How often are we going to meet God?
-Is the Spirit a part of your life or do you seek for Him to be in control of your life?

Romans 8:9

4 Things we Must do
-Listen for God’s Agenda, Not just trying to confirm our own
-Understand God’s timing may look different than we expect or desire
-Seek the Lord and His Spirit

Next Week
-How can we consistently live in the fruit of the Spirit?
-How is the Spirit revealed?
-Cultivate a deep relationship with the Lord
–Spiritual Disciplines


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