Youth Group

Youth Group

What does an average Youth Group evening look like?

September through the end of May, we meet every Wednesday evening starting at 7:00pm. A majority of our meetings will be at church in the youth room, but throughout the year we have fun events that may be held at other locations.

For the first part of youth group, we hangout and play games and then start our lesson around 7:30pm. We have a snack afterwards and continue to hangout, play games, and catch up until parents arrive around 9pm.

The youth group holds two Potato Bar Fundraisers every November & March. You may have heard of the “Potato Bar Church”…yup, that’s us! These fundraisers allow us to go on a missions trip every two years, go on a youth group retreat, and enjoy fun activities throughout the youth group year.

If you would like to visit our youth group some Wednesday evening, we would love to have you! Most likely you will know at least one person from school, work, or sports!

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