Milk vs. Meat: Thankfulness

Milk vs. Meat: Thankfulness

Milk vs. Meat: Thankfulness
Acts 16:16-40

Thankfulness definition:
-Conscience of benefit received
-Expression of thanks
-Well Pleased

What are we thankful for?
-I’m happy because I’m in a good situation
-I can be thankful for the good things in my life
-I’m thankful for the good people in my life
-I’m happy because I’m God’s own
-I’m thankful for all things in my life as because God is working through them
-I’m thankful for all people in my life as God is working on them through me

The root of why we need to be thankful
Revelation 6-16 The Seals Trumpets and Bowls
-Revelations 9:20

Those against God, Revelation 19 & 20 Jesus on a white horse
-Matthew 13:49-50
-Revelation 20:10
-Revelation 20:14-15
The object of Thankfulness
-Revelation 21 to 22
-Revelation 21:1-2
-Revelation 22:3-5

2 Thessalonians 1:7b-10
“The doors of hell are locked from the inside…” C.S.Lewis

A heart condition
-A thankful heart that accepts good and bad from God and thus can draw close to him in both situations.
-Or a heart that cannot accept God’s will and thus we want nothing to do with Him.

An example of thankfulness
-Acts 16:16-24
-Paul and Silas on trial for doing good
–Romans 13:3
–Acts 16:25-28
—What was Paul & Silas’ heart? Why were others listening?
–Acts 16:29-34

How’s your heart?
-How do you react in the good times?
–Is it from God or your hard work?
-How do you react in times of need?
–Do you get angry at God or look for his grace and mercy?
-Can both draw you nearer to God?

Job 2:8-10
Honestly, this is NOT easy or natural. This DOES require a study of scripture, an understanding of God’s character, and trust.
The best news of all… He loves you!
2 Peter 4:9
The ultimate promise, John 3:16-17, whoever/whenever/however

Can we be thankful regardless of our situations and circumstances?
Philippians 4:6


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