Tying it all together

Tying it all together

Tough Questions: The Book of Revelations
Tying it all together; Chapters 12 – 18

A Women, A Dragon, Two Beasts, The Lamb, A Prostitute, And A Great City; Revelations 12:19

In Heaven; Revelation 12:1

The Women; Revelation 12:1-2
–The women is introduced giving birth to a child
–Clothes by the sun
–Moon under her feet
–Twelve stars on her head
–Sent to a desolate place

The Dragon
–Seven heads / Ten horns / Seven diadems
–Attempts to devour the woman’s child
–War in the heavens breaks out after the child and the women escape
–Dragon cast down / the serpent of old / Satan cast to earth

The Dragon Pursues the Women; Revelations 12:5-17
–The woman gives birth to a male child who is to rule all the nations
–The women is given wings by God to escape
–The serpent spewed water to destroy her
–The earth (creation) opened to save her
–The dragon is enraged and goes to war against the woman and her offspring
—(Revelation 12:17)
–Main Point
–-This is the cosmic battle
—-Satan is the anti-god

The Beasts
-From the sea (Revelation 13:1-10) Fighting for the power of God “Anti-Christ”
-From the earth (Revelation 13:11-18) Blasphemies against God “Anti-Spirit”
-From the Land (Revelation) Deceives; gives a mark (right hand or forehead)
The Anti-Trinity
The mark of the beast; Revelations 13:16-18; Deuteronomy 6:4-9; Alliance
Emperor Decius around 250 AD

With whom do you Align?
-Genesis 3 is the start of the question
-Revelation spells out the issue
-Final judgment is about the biblical battle of who we align with

The Lamb: Alignment with God; Relation 14:1-5
-the story refocuses
-The Lamb and his army (144,000)
–Those with Him have His Father’s name written on their foreheads
–Singing a new song/full of praise

An Interlude: Warning, Revelation 14:6-12
Three angles
-First: Everlasting gospel Revelation 14:7
-Second: Babylon is fallen, drinking the wreath of its fornication
-Third: Individuals who receive the mark of the beast will drink the wrath of God

The Harvesting of the Earth: Final Judgement; Revelation 14:14-20
-The righteous are reaped
-The unrighteous are reaped and destroyed

Armageddon; Revelation 16:13-16
-The interlude between 6 and 7
-focuses on the beast’s preparation rather them the saints

The Prostitute / The Beast / The Great City; Revelation 17:1-13
-”Babylon the Great”
Victory!! Revelation 17:14-18
Babylon is fallen Revelation 18

Who are you going to reflect? Matthew 16:16-17, Matthew 16:22-23

Remember It’s About Alignment!
-We fight by who we worship!
–Holy Trinity
–Unholy Trinity
-What do we put our efforts into?
–Who do you worship?
–Who do you ‘reflect”?


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