Faithful to our calling in perplexing times

Faithful to our calling in perplexing times

Faithful To Our Calling In Perplexing Times

Isaiah prophesized, at least from 740 BC when King Uzziah died until at least 681 BC when Sennacherib was killed in the temple of his god by his own son.
Judah was coming to the end of a peaceful reign by a strong king – Uzziah

Isaiah 6:1-5
Isaiah realized his sinfulness compared to holy God
Isaiah 6:6-9
Acts 28:23-26
Isaiah 6:11-13
1 Corinthians 1:18-25

What does this mean for us?
1. Our message is Jesus Christ – not some political agenda or party.
2. We all need cleansing by God so that we can be his spokes people.
3. God is able to take care of his faithful people regardless of the political winds around them.
4. God will build his church and the Gates of Hell won’t stop it, regardless of the political and economic winds. 

Matthew 24:9-13
Acts 1:6-8

The disciples were thinking about the earthly kingdom of Israel.

What are our next steps?
1. Our message will continue to be Jesus Christ, the good News of the Gospel, regardless of our circumstances
2. We will bring ourselves before God for His cleaning and empowerment.
3. We will stand firm in our faith regardless of what happens in our society.
4. We will trust God to move in people’s hearts and to build his church.


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