Adevnt: Peace

Adevnt: Peace

What is Peace?

Something that’s complex with lots of pieces that’s in a state of completeness, wholeness, or has been restored.

Personal Well-Being
–Luke 2:14 “peace on earth to those with whom God is pleased” (NLT)
–Colossians 1:15-23 (NLT)
–Romans 5:1 (NLT)

The World or Circumstances
–John 14:27 (NLT)
–Isaiah 8:11-14a (NASB)
–Isaiah 54:10 (ESV)
–Proverbs 3:5-6 (NLT)
–John 14:27 (NLT)

Human Relationships
–Philippians 4:4-9 (NLT)
–Romans 12:17-18 (NLT)
–Ephesians 4:2-3 (NLT)

“Real contentment must come from within. You and I cannot change or control the world around us, but we can change and control the world within us” -Warren Wiersbe

2 Peter 1:2 (NLT)

Are you experiencing peace that comes from Jesus?

Can people see the peace that comes from Jesus in your life?


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