Sermons from July 2022

Sermons from July 2022

Communion Service

Decisions have a price. CommunionWhat the communion table is and what it is not. The Communion Table -Believers in Jesus come together to share the remembrance of what He has done on our behalf, calling us into a “Personal Relationship with Him” despite ourselves. We are reminded that we have repented of our sins and have become a new creation, and our new identity is in Jesus. 1 Corinthians 11:23-32 John 6-Jesus feeds 5,000-Jesus walks on water–”I am who I…

David & Jewel Reyes

Decisions have a price. Genesis 19:17 & 26 “don’t look back”Decision of Abraham, He let Lot choose first.Samson was a strong man. But made a decision to play a little bit and shared his secret.He lost his strength. But repented and turned back to God.John 5:1-12 “Do you want to get well?” What prices are you paying for decisions you’ve made in the past?How do those decisions affect you?

Christ’s Ambassadors

If all our life is God’s then what we are called to be is ambassadors.2 Corinthians 5:20 “Christ’s ambassadors”1 Peter 3:14b-16 1. Set apart Christ as Lord of your life v15. Christ as Lord is the antidote to fear.Matthew 6:34Matthew 10:282 Corinthians 2. Always be prepared to give an answer to those who question your relationship with Christ.Live your lives to look different.Make Jesus the only authority of your life?What music do we listen to…What music we watch…Manage our money…-Caring…