Jonathan Rotz

Jonathan Rotz

Jon & Alecia Rotz

My wife, Alecia, and I live in Chambersburg, PA with our two daughters. Alecia and I have always lived in Franklin Country, except during our schooling when we both attended Virginia Tech. Mercersburg Mennonite Church was where Alecia’s family attended during her childhood, and eventually became the church we decided to attend together. I really enjoyed the connection I felt when visiting MMC.

One of my biggest passions is to get people to engage in God’s Word and to see the story of Jesus and redemption from Genesis to Revelation (yes, it’s even in Leviticus). I love to see people get interested in studying scriptures not just for head knowledge or fact but to deepen their faith and make their faith their own. God’s Word is truly living and active! Every time I read it, study it, and teach it, more of God’s character is revealed which helps me to better understand who God is and what I’m called to in following Jesus. A favorite hobby I have is woodworking; however, I also love gardening, biking, running, and doing anything with my hands that may include mechanics fabrication. I always enjoy playing the guitar. As a family we enjoy the outdoors, camping, and supporting our girls in their interests.

Mercersburg Mennonite Church is a great church with lots of great people but we are also just normal people. We challenge each other to be real with one another, which means we share our successes and failures. By doing so, we have the opportunity to grow closer to Jesus and to each other.

Youth & Young Adult Ministries Commissioner
Mitch Horst