As believers in Jesus Christ, our desire is to be REAL WITH GOD, REAL WITH EACH OTHER and REAL WITH THE WORLD . No longer being satisfied with simply living a “Christian life” but living our lives for Christ.

Sunday Morning

1st Service @ 8:15 am
Sunday School @ 9:30 am
2nd Service @ 10:45 am

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10060 Buchanan Trail W. Mercersburg, PA 17236

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Tying it all together

Tough Questions: The Book of RevelationsTying it all together; Chapters 12 – 18 A Women, A Dragon, Two Beasts, The Lamb, A Prostitute, And A Great City; Revelations 12:19 In Heaven; Revelation 12:1 The Women; Revelation 12:1-2–The women is introduced giving birth to a child–Clothes by the sun–Moon under her feet–Twelve stars on her head–Sent to a desolate place The Dragon–Seven heads / Ten horns / Seven diadems–Attempts to devour the woman’s child–War in the heavens breaks out after the…

What’s with Signs?

Tough Questions: The Book of RevelationsWhat’s with Signs? Chapter 4-11 Revelations is Not Linear This world is not the end (eternal perspective)God used “Bad Things” for an ultimate good (Spiritual Perspective)“Bad Things” equip believers or ministry (faith perspective) Some things we’re not covering: When, Matthew 24:36; Meaningless discussions 1 Timothy 1:5-6 “Do Not Pass” Sings are not always literal-Sometimes taking them literal can eliminate the meaningSigns are not to evoke meaning-They are not exhaustive in explanation Revelations 4:1 (Isaiah 6,…

“I can’t get mad at God…God’s all I had through this. He’s who I had to rely on the most. Getting mad at Him wouldn’t have done any good.”
~ Grant Buchanan